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Your advertising
becomes real
Kodiplus users receive 10 photos
for free every month
We do not print any kind
of advertising in the photos
Advertise what you want:
a coupon, a new course in the gym, an event,
a new product. Or spread your artwork,
thanks to your customers or anything else
you think can grow your business.
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Download the KodiPlus app and switch the account in brand: a simple interface that will allow you to create your message in a few clicks

Always get a 1: 1 communication, getting the most attention from the customer.
Your printed advertising has an entirely different value.

With Kodi Ads, you will always reach real people.
Reinvent your advertising in a new way according to your needs.

0 risks clickbait, 0 bots, 0 spam.
Your advertising will be 100% effective.

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Change strategy in a few clicks

You only need 3 steps

to reach thousands

of people directly

at their home.

Login as brand

Log in to your brand account
quickly and easily.

You can always switch to your personal Kodi account.

Do you want to go back to the brand account?

No problem.

Choose an image

You do not have to be a company or a store; you can sponsor any kind of business, an interest, an event campaign.

You just have to .. create!

The solution you prefer

Remember, your ads will arrive in individual Kodi cases, along with photos of users, receiving the utmost attention.

No urban posters, social banners that fill sites or annoying pop-ups.

Your advertising becomes true.

We are ready, you?
Change your advertising from today with Kodi Ads.
Change the rules
of your store
add new features and get different communication.
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Print the photos
you love for free
discover kodiplus, the easiest application in the world to print your memories.
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